Drew & Lacey


Drew & Lacey are a Nashville-based, husband and wife duo.
The couple met in Salt Lake City, where they collaborated and performed with some of the state’s top musicians, including Peter Breinholt, Charley Jenkins, and Sam Payne.  After moving to Nashville the two continued to define their sound; combining their folk and bluegrass backgrounds with a Nashville country vibe.  This created a unique sound, full of rich harmonies and stellar musicianship.  Nashville provided an opportunity for them to meet and work with a host of amazing artists and writers.  Drew & Lacey have shared the stage with chart topping bands such as the JaneDear girls and Due West, and have collaborated with Grammy award winning writers and musicians. Their second EP, titled "Monochrome," fuses pop, country, and folk elements. The album, produced by Brandon Metcalf, features original songwriting and showcases the collaboration of the duo with musicians from multiple genres. The album demonstrates their vocal, instrumental and songwriting talent and has created a buzz among the Nashville music scene.  Monochrome, as well as their first self-titled EP, are available on iTunes.

    Listen to our new album, Monochrome. Or purchase the full album here
  • 1. Monochrome
  • 2. Gypsy
  • 3. Live In The Middle
  • 4. Crazy Talk
  • 4. Simple Life
  • 4. Soldiers Jam